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Welcome to Dynamic Title By Gigi D.


Now proudly representing Dynamic Title - Dynamic Title focuses exclusively on providing exceptional professional and complete closing services which is why representing Dynamic Title is the perfect fit for Gigi D. f/k/a FLA Title. As a customer, you will benefit from extensive knowledge of and attention to the details of the closing process. We are dedicated to getting every transaction closed and making sure that you are kept well informed during the process. I am still available for you 24/7, making sure each and every detail is handled, so that your closing is smooth and problem free. Our emphasis is on customer service and communication. If you are buying, selling, refinancing or building, we can help. Gigi's previous practices with FLA Title still provide full title services, which include a free real property referral service, for your convenience.

Title Insurance -  Do you need it?

YES!! Title Insurance is the only guaranteed protection against real estate title losses.  It insures your ownership of your home.  Your lender will require Lender's Title Insurance, but that only protects their interest.  It insures the lender for the original amount of the loan against invalidity of the mortgage which secures the loan.

The Owner's Title Insurance Policy protects you, the buyer.  It informs you of any other interests in the property, such as liens and encumbrances, and protects you against unknown claims of ownership to or interests in your property.

Title Insurance protects you from hidden risks not revealed by the attorney's or abstractor's search of the public records.  Common examples of risk include:


  • Forgery and Fraud

  • Missed taxes

  • Undisclosed or missing heirs

  • Incorrect legal descriptions

  • Conveyance by a minor

  • Incorrect indexing at the courthouse

  • Mental incompetence of grantors

  • Missed easements

Gigi D. focuses exclusively on providing a smooth and complete closing.  As a customer, you will benefit from her extensive knowledge of Real Estate transactions and her close attention to the details of the closing process.  Gigi D. is dedicated to a successful closing every time and keeping you, the customer, up to date during the entire closing process.  She will call forward and is available 24/7 to ensure a problem free and satisfactory closing for you.  Is your previous title agent so accommodating?

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